Groping Towards
a State of Grace


Thistles, Glyphs and Ciphers
Foreground Notes
Dragon Swallows Moon
Outskirts of Things
Lobster Flats


Artist whose work looks at nature through lenses of art history, pattern and chaos, poetics and little epiphanies of direct perception.


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[ artist prints ]

The images on this website are available as signed, limited edition archival pigment prints.  Each print includes a certificate of authenticity and background information about the print and its series.

Most of the images fit nicely on a paper size of 17 x 22 inches - some are better printed on paper 20 x 30 inches and larger.  Dragon Swallows Moon photo images are best printed about 10 x 10 inches square, centered on larger paper. Vertical and horizontal scroll images are approximately 17 x 48 in.  Pictures built with combined panels extend the size up to 96 x 96 in. 

Finished prints are carefully prepared and packed and sent via FedEx or UPS.  Satisfaction is fully guarenteed.  PayPal handles the sales transaction.  Regular turnaround time is two weeks.


Until a proper catalog is completed, please take a screenshot or drag an image to your desktop, then attach it to your email message.


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