Groping Towards
a State of Grace


Thistles, Glyphs and Ciphers
Foreground Notes
Dragon Swallows Moon
Outskirts of Things
Lobster Flats


Artist whose work looks at nature through lenses of art history, pattern and chaos, poetics and little epiphanies of direct perception.


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misc. other

odds, ends +

Permissible Artifacts 

raw pigment, stainless steel, canvas, wood, string, wax, computer memory, wire, oil on canvas, more  (2003 - ongoing)


sketchbook pages - acrylic, graphite, oil stick and ink on paper (1993)

State of Grace, Coume de Balbonne 

sumi pen, brush and india ink on paper (2010)

Both Ends

untitled sketchbook pages. ink and gouache (1994)

A Rake's Progress 

Charcoal taped to rake tines, brush and india ink, diluted coffee, graphite on BFK Rives 22 x 33 in (1991) 

Memoria Rima, Venezia

digital montage of scanned film images (1987 - 2003)

Ebb Tide Under 

digital manipulation: filtered photo files and vector drawing (ongoing)


polaroid and photo emulsion collage; Florentine Album (1990)

There Goes Not Me

25 consecutive frames, 8 seconds apart (2007)

Dark Sun

mixed media on paper after Muybridge (1988)

Thinking Maghreb

newsprint, ink-pad, inked clay and collage (1988)

No Title

found object assemblage (1992)

Paranomic View

mixed media assemblage in a Rajasthani cupboard frame (1993)

First Light
oil on canvas, glass panes and wood window frame (1981)

conté crayon, gouache, graphite, gesso on canvas, ink on foamcore  (2012)

No Title

conté crayon, ink and graphite on paper after Muybridge (1988)

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