sketchbook backstory

Hotel Safir

sketchbook pages - ink on paper. Marrakech 1987


sketchbook pages - acrylic, conte crayon, graphite, ink on paper, NYC 1993

Burning the Candle at Both Ends 

sketchbook pages - ink and gouache. Ariege 1994

Rake's Progress 

charcoal taped to rake tines, india ink wash, diluted coffee wash,
graphite on BFK Rives 22 x 33 inches. NYC 1991

Half-Thinking Post Maghreb

newsprint, ink-pad, inked clay and collage. Paris 1987

Manhattan Avenue 4AM

pastel, conte crayon on paper. NYC 1981 

Salut, Black Sun 

after Muybridge - conte crayon, gesso, ink, graphite on paper.  Paris 1988


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