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Artist whose work looks at nature through lenses of art history, pattern and chaos, poetics and little epiphanies of direct perception.


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Culled from a diverse archive of 10,000+ original photographic images, this ongoing project is an open-ended process of reorientation. This presentation is a mobile-friendly scrolling stack of  22 text couplets and 105 images. 

Dragon Swallows Moon

I don't want to get too sentimental

things cannot be otherwise than as they are

begin anywhere

elsewhere is no longer far away


other dimensions hide in plain sight

the trick is to see the riddle

not long ago the world was vast and practically limitless

these days simulation reinforces the obvious

don't let appearances fool you

meaning is not an object to which words somehow get attached

expectations are not very useful

it is hard to decide if the universe is intelligible or if it is not

dream spooling please wait

everything at a distance turns into poetry

whoever you are you are blocking my view

angel on the head of a pin


you cannot be the tree the rock the rain the bee

don’t ask why if you want a straight answer

it isn't like everything we perceive is some kind of manifestation

blind chance serves a purpose

nature suggests no particular direction

events unfold unencumbered by intention or content

it is wise to learn the difference

between God's voice and random thoughts

either meaning has erased the sign

or the sign has cancelled the meaning

we explain ourselves in terms of beliefs and desires

systems establish and codify meaning

with transcendence embedded in the mundane     

a person might get lost

you don't know me I don't know you OK

at this point right here we separate

we are earthborn carnal entities

swooning and soaring and sucking air

stay with your assigned group

we know what you want and we work hard to give it to you

change is common stay calm

identifiable landmarks are hard to come by

the world cannot appear as a single fact no matter how you look at it

be thankful for little epiphanies

your destiny depends on how your choices fit the circumstances

it is the process that shapes it all 

I put a crumb in your bellybutton

so you’d find your way home


© 2019 Tim Trompeter